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  • yesimstacysmom:


    If people are really going to assume that guys with long hair are gay and girls with short hair are lesbians then I am going to assume that all bald men are actually eagles.

    I knew it, something about my dad just wasn’t adding up

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  • fallontonight:

    Amy Brenneman’s 9-year-old son is still figuring out what a phone is

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  • hotguysandpizza:

    in english class we had to write a ghost story and i wrote down a supernatural episode and my teacher complimented me for my imagination

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  • Megamind - 'Bad Guy' vs ‘Nice Guy’

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  • diacrit:


    I almost forgot my briefcase!

    it contains important lab results

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  • stabs:

    if you borrow my book and ruin it, i’ll ruin your face

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  • just-watch-me-hachiko:


    A girl becomes embarrassed after giving flowers to a female US soldier on duty in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. 16 April 2007

    The caption changes so many assumptions

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  • edemamemama:


    Children are not possessions.
    Children are not accessories.
    Children are not relationship band aids.
    They are tiny people with the same amount of feelings as an adult.

    But with less capacity to process, express and healthily contain those feelings when necessary.

    Be kind to them.

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  • impactprincess:



    I thought we were having a moment…you ruined it

    I’m crying


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  • thatfuckingcrowv2:


    instead of sending me nudes you can send me 

    • pics of you smiling with ur fave stuffed animal
    • pics of you smiling with ur mom 
    • pics of plants
    • pics of ur dog
    • pics of silly lookin bugs that u find 

    send me the nudes while this geek eats a flower

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  • doctorgaylove:

    Homophobes who say “but the gay lifestyle leads to depression and higher risks of suicide”.

    Like really? And why is that? Whose fault do you think that is?

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  • kittyinabeaker:


    When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


    The longer that gif went on, the more I laughed/cried. 

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